Rock, Alternative
From: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Band Members

  • Viktor - vocals/guitar
  • Walrus - bass
  • Nixon - drums/vocals

About Band

“…I will never understand why the name “GABANA” responds so correctly to the undefined style of the band. Even on our first rehearsal, we felt an emotional peak in the center of the triangle we formed, although we couldn’t play a single note…”

The story

Gabana is a band from Plovdiv claimed to be founded on the 6th of February 2000 – the day the first rehearsal took place. The musicians make songs of their own since the very beginning. Gabana’s music is a complex mixture of its members’ different preferences but its basic structure is very simple – pure rock’n’roll.

The concerts

For the past eight years Gabana has performed live more than 300 times on different occasions – Plovdiv music clubs ( “Petnoto”, “Nylon”, “Non stop”, “Swing”, “Seven Hills”, “L-Z”, “Sax”, “Silver”, “Jethro”, “The Piano”, “C4”, “Marmalad”); Sofia live clubs (“O’Shipka”, “Backstage”, “Swingin’ Hall”, “The Mask”, “3 Ushi”, “The Eye”); all over Bulgaria (“Zone 51”, “Alibi” – Varna; “Party Club Live” – Bourgas; “Melon” – Veliko Tarnovo; “Retro Club Live” – Kavarna).

Gabana is a headliner at the “Great Dyonisus” festival 2007, “Plovdiv rock” – 2000 – 2005, and takes part at the following: “Spirit of Bourgas” ’08; “Tangra Mega Rock Live 2 ’06; “Seattle Night 6” ’06; “Berckstock” ‘05(opening for The Exploited); “Brumfest” ’01.

The album

In 2003 “Harbor Island Records” produces the compilation “Metal X-mas”’03 that includes Gabana’s first single – “Lickety-split”, sold in 5ooo copies. April, 2006 Gabana produces a single on their own – “A Fuckend” which breaks into Bulgarian rock charts and becomes one of the listeners’ favorite songs. The debut album “DO NOT COVER” celebrates great success in the media space, being nominated for best rock/alternative on the MM TV music awards – 15.05.2006. Its premiere takes place at “Petnoto” in Plovdiv on the 27th of October 2006 and sells in more than 200 copies the same night. It is a 3-cd-box set one of which contains 13 studio recorded tracks, and the other 2 reveal to the audience the ability of the band to play live acoustic versions of their own songs as well as some covers of never dying rock classics.

Media attention

“Z-rock”, “Tangra Mega rock” and other Bulgarian radio stations have broadcasted a great deal of interviews with the members of the band, that have also been special guests to TV live shows, such as “Fracture” – MM TV, “Vanity” – TV Eurocom, one on the national BG TV (BNT) and one on TV Europe that have shown live performances of Gabana. “Maritza”, “Trud”, “24 Hours” and other newspapers have published articles about Gabana for their single and album premieres and some of the more significant live shows and achievements.

The commentaries

“Pulen Kreten” is the new anthem for a whole new generation!” – Vasil Varbanov – radio and TV host “The super successful Gabana song – “A Fuckend” – the Z-rock’s “Garage” host. “The song “A Fuckend” and “Lickety-split” are a total and unarguable hit!

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