Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap
From: giza, Egypt

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wat up everybody around?..you see i love writing of all kinds,like i wrote alot of creative TV ad storyboards,new movies ideas and song lyrics.im tryin to sell my stuff as you know i gotta pay the bills.However,im not lookin for much money.


You can check me out on www.gcsnt.8m.com and you can email me if you wanna buy anything from me.Please note i don't do contracts nor being part of your team,i only take cash.Just tell me what kind and how many you need and i got your back.Try me


gcsnt@hotmail.com,,+20 010 6955784,,not available for chatting

Please take a look at this song i wrote to a real close friend 'Magued' who lives in France but still makes some visits to Egypt.I need you to tell me if it's a good one.








This is a special dedication comin' out at the moment


To a dear friend in Paris from yours at this tent


Don't tell me who is it? No one else has the guts


But may be everyone else have used your supporting hands




I am thinking ' man, what makes him do these things?'


We haven't been friends in some months or years


I figure out he doesn't need much time as a sign


He looks at you he knows what lies deep in your mine






Like a star shinning high at the bright blue sky


Like a moon lighting at the desert in a dark night


Like a sun no one with working eyes can deny


Like you don't know him, Magued, who else might?   (CORUS)






He just called and told me ' Man it's my birthday'


I said ' Oh my god I just knew that today'


I wonder what gift can I get when I have no much money


Even if I do, this man worth a lot more than jewelry






I searched among the kinda fortunes I already have


Cash, my inside computer says search is negative


So what's the best thing my dear friend says I can do?


Song writing, alright dats what I am giving to you









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Website: www.gcsnt.8m.com

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