Rock, Alternative
From: St. John's, NL, Canada

Band Members

  • Dave White - Vocals/Guitar
  • Coady Dempsey - Bass/Vocals
  • Chris King - Drums/Vocals
  • Jon Stacey - Lead Guitar

About Band

We are currently working on new material and are planning on releasing an album in the near future. So far the completed tracks are:

1) Someone's Calling Your Name

2) Lights Out

3) To The World

4) Massacare

5) Remember Me

6) Look Harder

Keep Checking Back, we'll get some live clips of these songs posted soon.

Generation Lost was formed in early April of 2007. The original line up was Dave White on vocals and rhythm guitar, Coady Dempsey on bass and back up vocals, Chris King on drums and back up vocals, with Tim Martin on lead guitar and back up vocals. The band was successful from its first jam session. Everyone came together and played very well and by the end of the second jam they had rehearsed nearly thirty songs.

After two months of constant jamming, Generation Lost had their first show on Saturday, June 30th, 2007 at Turkey Joe's on the legendary George Street in St. John's, Newfoundland. The show was a huge success which earned Generation Lost a weekly gig and a sponsorship from Molson Breweries at Turkey Joe's every Wednesday night.

Generation Lost were then asked to headline the "Puffin Festival" in Elliston, Newfoundland, that took place on July 21st, 2007. So with all of the gear packed up in two cars, Generation Lost set out for Elliston, only to run into a little surprise. When the band arrived they were notified that some of the other acts that were scheduled to go on earlier couldn't make it, and Generation Lost were asked to play two sets rather than the scheduled one. Seeing this as a better opportunity to get their music and name out to more people they agreed without hesitation. The show was amazing everyone had a great time and the crowd was really into the music, during the break between sets Generation Lost were approached by the even coordinator and asked to come back again the following year.

Shortly after the Puffin Festival, in August 2007, Tim Martin had to leave the band due to conflicts with his work schedule, so in some what of a panic everyone was trying to find a new lead guitarist with two days until the next show was booked. After many phone calls trying to find a guitarist, they were contacted by a fellow by the name of Jon Stacey who was ready to jump in take over on lead guitar. With that Coady arranged to meet with Jon on the day of the show and an hour later Jon met the rest of the band and show was saved. Generation Lost went on to have a great performance and Jon received many much deserved congratulations from both the band and the audience.

Now with the band line up secure again, Generation Lost have made Wednesday's at Turkey Joe's such a big success, that Generation Lost were contacted by Pulse and Normie's, two other venues on George Street. Generation Lost now have another weekly show on Saturday's at Normie's, and are working on Monday's at Pulse.

Generation Lost play both covers and original material, covers ranging from classics from Gun's N' Roses and AC/DC to 90's Alternative/Rock such as Collective Soul and Our Lady Peace, to todays hit bands such as Finger Eleven, Buckcherry, State Of Shock and more. So be sure to come out and party with Generation Lost as they deliver a rock n' roll show you won't want to miss.

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