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When i was 15yrs of age, i started to played guitar And make my own composition song, and im proudly shared it to all friends. Even thou the lyrics and tune are not fitch. Those times and days was made me act like a crazy and funny person. But it's ok' it's because of those, i learned for my own mistake for how to forgive and let my self to encourage. Because i know someday i can pursue my talent. And now? i know and i believed my self that my talent now is deffrence than before. I know it that there's a big improvement, I played my guitar and Fitch my lyrics for a good Tuned. Yup!? i played it well. And All that i can say is, It's really hard to discover what kind of skill or talent you have it to explore without no one can help you, but your own self. Believed in your self, And Never Give Up.

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