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Born on October 30th, 1982 to an Armenian family, to a mother that was a housewife and a father that was into the street life. Los Angeles, Ca was the location where he was born and raised. At 14, he moved to Dallas, TX only to drop out of school and work for his father. For him, home was never happy, and with no one to turn to, he looked into the streets for his therapy. Gino started recording music at age 16. He would write a song a day for the next 2 years. At age 17, he joined a click of other artists called SKREET MUZIK and began putting together an album. At age 19, he released his debut album Family Redefined along with collaborating with other artists on the side. At age 20, Ginos father was incarcerated, later to be deported to his country and he died in Spain on vacation. A best friend and a father was what he lost. Gino Slik was reborn with his fathers backgrounds and a slik sound. He is now back in California pursuing his dream. With two albums never released in the year 2005, he dropped Mafia Mixtape vol. 1. The best thing about Gino is that he doesnt stick to one particular sound, he can pull off west coast style, south, and east. His lyrical ability will amaze anyone. He wants to be the first Armenian that made it big in the rap industry. Whoever signs him would not be disappointed because he doesnt like playing around, when he steps in the studio, its all business for him.

The real Mob life Ive lived with this last name / the one and only of its kind in this rap game. - Gino Slik


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