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Gitla (Born on April 27th 1988, in northern Israel) is a folk genre singer songwriter and composer. Growing up singing and preforming in the school choir as a soloist singer. She was raised in a home full of music, where the sounds of her motherís guitar and accordion and her older brotherís piano accompanied her childhood and opened up a whole new world of music to her. By the age of 14 she was already drawn to songwriting and at 21-years-old her writing began to develop a unique style influenced by the beauty of simplicity which still accompanies her songs nowadays. The content of her music is mostly influenced by nature, the past, people and family, Journeys and Folk Tales. Her warm and delicate voice relays Sincerity and characterized by high notes and a warm depth in lower tones. Her songs are folksy and storytelling. Gitla combines a connection between folk music and Americana in her songs and mainly influenced by artists like, Alela Diane, Dylan Leblanc and Joanna Newsom.

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