Grizzle DaGreat

Grizzle DaGreat

Grizzle DaGreat

Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B
From: New Providence, Bahamas

About Artist

Grizzle/G-RIZZLE means GOD`S REAL as well as I Am A Real G. Urban Dictionary: rizzle 1. rizzle Real. (Another installment in the language of "izzle," a thug specialty.) (3 Important Questions That will determine the success of my career) What is my main goal ? Is to become the first Bahamian rapper to Blow internationally an be singed by one of the major record labels that are out there as well as inspiring fans from around the world with my lyrics about life an its struggles Just keeping it real. What Is my main challenge ? I would say my main challenge right now is getting my music out there to the world without making any industry marketing mistakes. This is not just a hobby its my dream so I strive for perfection with my music an i just want to go about doing it the correct way without being screwed or missing out on oppurtunities that would help me become recognized by the right group of listeners. What do I want to achieve with my music? Honestly i want to achieve what every other unsigned rapper wants an thats to become Rich an famous. But honestly most importantly i want to know that i have inspired someone an that my music made a great impact on there lives an has change the way they look at life. Also opening their eyes to see Gods true value & purpose of living.

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