Gudda Fresh

Gudda Fresh

Gudda Fresh

Hip-Hop, Rap
From: miami, FL, United States

About Artist

GUDDA FRESH's BIO defines fresh-pure, cool, or refreshing, as air. Put that with Gudda and how could you go wrong? Octavius Keitt, affectionately known as Gudda Fresh, is apart of the new breed of Florida rappers. <center>Hailing from Opa-Locka, Florida he was forced to grow up in a hard-knock environment. And being the oldest from a single mother wasn’t easy either. He felt as if he had to protect his mother and younger brother at all times. “If anyone messed with my mamma or brother it was like the end for them”, he recalls. That also resulted into many altercations and trouble for the young Gudda Fresh. Many were in the hood, but in school also. Being kicked out of several Miami-Dade public schools was a wake up call for him. He decided to put all the extra energy into something positive. <center>“I was spiraling out of control man. I had to get right”, he explains. He linked up wit a neighborhood friend named RIP aka Da Ripster that convinced him to get into battle rapping scene. “I liked battle rapping but it wasn’t really my forte’.” Gudda Fresh later went on to record his first track which was a gospel song called “Lean and Rock”. In doing that he met Andre Johnson aka Chosen. Chosen inspired Gudda Fresh to perfect his craft. And that is just what he did. <center>He was on the road to success until he suffered a major blow. On August 20, 2005 his mother, Latonya S. Keitt died. He took that harder than you can imagine. She was the only parent he ever knew so it was like he lost everything. She was not only his mother, but his best friend as well. Gudda Fresh quickly went back to his troublesome ways. Until he got what we all would say is a wake up call. His first child, Octavius Keitt Jr. was born. Shortly after his second son Jayden Keitt arrived. So he knew it was time to get back on track. <center>It was time to grind. Entering various talent showcases and getting as much exposure was what he did. He even performed for the syndicated radio host Tom Joyner. Gudda Fresh was not giving up until his name was saturated in the streets. <center>Now the proud father of three wonderful kids, Octavius Jr, Jayden and Khaleah, it’s now or never for Gudda Fresh. He has released hits such as “Show Love”, “Thro My Cash” and “Miss My Baby” (a tribute to his mother). They all are starting to get buzz on the local Miami scene. Its now time to take it mainstream. <center>Confident and excited about what the future has in store for him, Gudda Fresh is now more focused than ever. Currently working on his first full length LP, I would say “He’s on his way!”

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