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Haley Alexis is a multi-dimensional 19 year old, R&B/Hip Hop singer residing in Arlington, TX . Originally hailing from the Bronx , NY this young songbird knew from the beginning that her impressive songwriting skills, and of course her singing would eventually take her where she wanted to be in her career. Not only does Haley write all of her songs, she is also very talented when it comes to dancing. It seems obvious being that she is from the "Boogie Down Bronx" and of Jamaican decent. Haley's dancing and singing doesn't only spawn from those natural aspects, but also from her musical inspirations while growing up.

Haley’s lead single, “Flava To Da Crunk,” co-produced by Glish Productions, is a blend of the old school flava of the yesterdays with the heavy bass crunk styles of today.  Haley describes, It like a combination of the music I grew up listening to in the Bronx , with the music and lifestyle I am currently experiencing in the dirty south today.” And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. A heavy bass selection of follow up singles, with a pop feel, such as “In A Minute” and “Quite Like I Do,” both co-produced by Dubb's Attic Productions, is like the cherry on top.  It makes the lead single seem like a simple taste, tease of what is yet to come.  Although Haley has a long list of crunk and hip hop tracks up her sleeves, she does have a softer side.  An R&B side that is.  With songs like “Call Me” and “Sources Tell Me” you can’t help but wonder what else can this songstress do?

 Like most entertainers, Haley started entertaining and performing at a young age.  She started when she was only 3 years old.  And since then she has performed in a number talent shows for local radio stations, cafes in New York City , and other local talent events.  And now at the age of 19, those gigs have given this new artist the experience and skill needed to hype an audience in any stadium.  Between her sassy stage persona and her lust-worthy dance moves, you can’t help but wonder if you are watching a music video come to life before your eyes.  And if given the chance to watch this talented performer, do her thing on the stage, best believe that you would not be disappointed. 

As Haley Alexis prepares herself for the next level in career, there is little to no concern whether the music world is ready for a new r&b/hip hop artist.  The main focus is on whether the music world is ready for the impact that she will make on the world.  In all actuality, it’s about time that the music world, take notice and expect to see great things from this songbird in the future.

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Website: www.officiallyhaley.com
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