Alternative, Hip-Hop, Metal
From: Mt Pocono, PA, United States

Band Members

  • Mozez Flowz - Vocals/Guitar
  • Steve Denig - Vocals
  • Dan "Vito" Barone - Guitars/Vocals
  • Ben Wine - Guitars
  • Chris "Mo" Eliat - Bass
  • Curt Morris - Drums
  • Paul Lynch - Master of the Turntables

About Band

The year of 2009 has been a ground breaking year for HalfLip with much accomplished and with over 90 shows being played throughout the year their fan base keeps growing bigger and bigger.  Now with over 33,000 fans on MySpace HalfLip’s goal is to grow large enough to play in stadiums and arenas all around the world for each and every one of their rapidly growing fan base.  The year 2009 started off by HalfLip winning the Battle of the Bands hosted by Crocodile Rock in Allentown and performed with Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil, Chimaira and others on the Music as a Weapons tour. Then a few months later Trust Company came out and played at their EP Release Party on August 14th. Their new EP "Nothing Set in Stone" was recorded at Sound mine Recording Studios and mastered by Dan Malsch. Amongst all the shows in between the bigger ones they ended the year off by opening up for Hed (pe) and Insane Clown Posse to a sold out crowd.

The members  may have all lived in different parts of PA but, growing up they all went to the same high school and at one point or another were in and out  bands together. Combining all their different styles and roots of music that they all were performing separately, they came together to create what they had envisioned in their heads…and that’s “HalfLip”. HalfLip consist of six members whom have created their own unique style of music which blends various styles together raging from Hip-Hop, rock and roll, and metal.

The band has just completed their new album “Blood from a Stone”, and is continuing to work hard for their fans. With hopes of success the band is striving to make 2010 their year to remember. As they continue to pursue their musical careers the bands goal is to be recognized by the right label and have the ability to perform for their fans around the world. Now teamed up with Pay Up Records to distribute their music digitally all over the world on Itunes and many other outlets, there is no doubt 2011 will be even better then 2010.

HalfLip is: Mozez Flowz (Eric Hogan) (Vocals), Steve Denig (Vocals), Dan “Vito” Barone (Vocals, Guitar), Ben Wine (Guitar), Chris “MO” Eliat (Bass) and Anthony Paesano (Drums).

They want to send a different message. So they decided to see how far the “HalfLip” project would take them and how many ears would listen to what they have to say. So listen closely……


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Website: myspace.com/halflip151
Website: www.halflip.com

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