Hand of Dog

Hand of Dog

Hand of Dog

Hard rock, Rock, Blues
From: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • David McHarg - Lead Guitars
  • Peter Fleming - Vox
  • David McKay - Bleeding Hands on Guitar
  • John McHarg - Angry Drums
  • Simrit Lali - Bass

About Band

Hand of Dog were born out of several Bands who had at one time gigged together several times, previously 3 members of Superunknown, ( David/John McHarg  and David McKay) Glasgow based, had been together for 4 years and had a run of successful tours in Britain and Europe, (playing by request at the famous Amsterdam Venue) Green Bijlmermeer, and came to the interest of STV who were keen to use there brand of music for the hit program High Times (2nd serious ) which airs Thursday 24th July, at these gigs the voice of Peter Fleming (previously with The Fighting 69) a Dumfries based band who were on demand up and down the country and the focus of a Border TV documentary, ) Peter came to the band members notice  with his John Foggerty-Chris Cornell like, but unique voice, and a side project “Hand of Dog “ was born in July 2007, with a view to an odd gig or 2?, in order to complete the line up a bass player was needed who had a hard drive in style though clarity in delivery, several gigs, pubs and festivals later Simrit Lali was noticed by chance during a gig to see Wolfmother at Glasgow King Tuts, Simrit had been asked to step in 1 week prior to the gig with support band Glass Roof and pulled it off amazingly, David & John  McHarg approached Simrit with an offer he could not refuse, play bass for Hand of Dog or you’ll never see your family again ( a bit desperate on reflection but effective in the outcome) !!!!, Simrit liked the 1st option and joined Hand of Dog.

Simrit fitted in and played like the band had been together for years, Hand of Dog was so exiting to all involved that it was decided to make the band a main project and say goodbye to Superunknown and the Fighting 69.

Even before a note was played there was a mountain of requests for gigs to play at, as well as music for films to write, Hand of Dog have been approached by Peter Mullen with ideas for a film in production at this time),

It was decided to work out  a complete set rather than step in for 20 minutes, all the band members have awork on material as much as possible and no throw together songs ethos ,  to date there are 22 songs 14 of which are complete for gigging, 8 recorded for our first  album “Perfect for the Paranoid” which will be completed Aug 08. Due to delays in funding and reworking of Older material (Rock n Roll eh!), well with a few gigs in hand and an excellent response from those who attended, our first tour is kicking of with a much anticipated attendance at Lonach Hall Strathdon, we cant wait for this one.

Formed in the middle of 2007 and hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Hand of Dog play an original, straight forward and barnstorming style of rock music, their up and coming album entitled "Perfect for the Paranoid" will be put in front of industry moguls and music fans in the Autumn of 2008!!  

The raw Rock ‘n Roll sound is going down a storm with all who hear it...this scottish act is turning heads....blistering rock n roll!!!..........the album will be ready to blow away the industry"

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