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 His groovy and sexy house sets with perfect technique and a twisted mixing style made him quickly earn a reputation as one of the fastest rising DJs amongst the Bolivian and Latin house scene. Haru has produced, organized and participated in a considerable amount of parties, festivals, and massive events.

 He has played for different crowds in different cities in and the rest of South America , and his musical style takes a definite direction towards the sounds of House music in all of its forms. 

"I realized that there really does exist a deep connection between the artist and the people who listen to you. I learned to observe and sense the subtle changes and vibrations that the people transmit, that energy that transforms into movement. I learned how to create the atmosphere, necessary for the crowd to move and dance, because when you enjoy what you do you achieve the best of yourself ". 

Haru has played in the main clubs of the country and has been resident in the most important venues. His hypnotizing sounds in his up to 8 hour long sets or sessions have given Haru experience, great versatility and prestige. His musical styles and influences are diverse. They are an overwhelming mix of sounds of Progressive, Electro, Tech, Tribal and Funky Soul, which he transmits in his explosive and unique sessions charged with rhythm and pure technique in the mixes, they are sets that are definitely full of energy and good taste. By this time Haru has released his compilations, " IN HOUSE WE TRUST (Tour) DJ Mix Series Vol. I & II ", " IN GROOVE "and " JUICE AND FILTHY ", which were also a series of events and part of important and successful tours throughout the country. Haru's work as a producer also includes the fields of multimedia, radio, television and recently in 2005 he has ventured in the new fields of graphic abstraction and digital art.

His good musical criteria and his desire for searching led him to reveal to us the latest in House music in all its diversity every week on his radio show (( HARU Mix Show )), an eclectic collection of grooves in which he has included all types of musical styles: Jazz, Electro, Tribal, Rock, Funky, etc., a premeditated selection for the dance floor. Every Saturday all of Haru's new sounds are transmitted in his radio show which reaches many cities in .

Currently Haru is working on his new compilation discs already with international projection thanks to previous collaborations with artists from , and , but the major part of his work in the studio is dedicated to his first Album which will have interesting surprises in terms of guests and special collaborations.

We soon expect the release of his nu singles from his future album. Haru, South American DJ, Producer, Remixer and House Music Artist!.

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Website: www.thedjlist.com/djs/HARU/

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