Held Back

Held Back

Held Back

Punk, Pop, Rock
From: Chicago, IL, United States

Band Members

  • Tyler Durgan - Guitars
  • Joey McKenna - Drums
  • Jon Sturm - Bass
  • Matt Luckman - Guitars
  • Nathan Jones - Possible Lead Vocals

About Band

Good friends Matt Luckman and Joey McKenna were downstairs in Joey McKenna's basement one day, when Matt had an idea of making a band. Joey had been playing drums for a little less than a year at that point, and Matt was a pretty good guitar player. They were both good friends with Caleb Chiang, another boy in their grade. He immediately became rhythm guitarist. The problem was getting a bass player. Joey had been in a band for a school project named 'Bleeding Kansas'. (See freewebs.com/bleedingkansas for more info)It featured Joey on the drums and Luke Woods on the guitar. After some persuasion, they got Luke in the band. They also asked fellow-classmate Josh Lee to be in the band, but Josh turned them down. If he hadn't, they would have been one of the most diverse bands out there. Matt is half Mexican, half Puerto Rican, Caleb is Chinese, Joey is Irish, Josh is Korean, and Luke is Bolivian. They then needed to decide on a band name. One night, at Matt's house, Joey and Matt stumbled upon the name 'Black Flame'. They immediately fell in love with it, but after longer thought, Matt decided not to go with it. After a couple band-meetings, Luke decided he didn't want to be a bass player. Later, Matt found out he would have to move to Aurora, so he was no longer in the band. Luke moved up to lead guitar, and they added in Tommy Jordan as a bass player. Caleb decided to name the band 'Civil Effect'. Everybody liked it, so they decided to go with it. However, after more time had passed, the band realized that Caleb was one of the MOST busy people in the Junior High/High School world. They decided to wait until summer to make music. Summer came, and everyone was still busy. Summer School, camps, travel sports, more camps, no one could decide on a date they could play. So without saying anything, they just stopped playing together. They only had 1 finished song, and 1 great guitar riff. So one day in Joey's basement, Joey, Matt, and Joey's friend Jon Sturm, were playing around, when all of a sudden Civil Effect came up. Matt asked, "Yeah, what happened to you guys?" Joey told them about how we had broke up, then added, "Wait-Jon, you play bass. Matt You play guitar, and I play drums. We should make a band." They immediately got in the car, and had Joey's mom drive them to their houses. They got back and started throwing out ideas. After a few minutes, Joey threw out, "Hey, Matt, play that old Black Flame song." After listening to it a few times on Joey's iPod, they started to add drums and bass. Then they went upstairs and made lyrics. After that they threw out some band names. 'The Illegal Mexicans' was one they stood with for about a day until Jon pointed out, "Dude, we're gonna get sued." After that, they settled with Joey's idea-'Held Back'. They all liked it. Joey had gone to youth group with a boy named Tyler Durgan. He had been teaching himself how to play guitar, and they had gotten together and formed a blink-182 cover band, but it wasn't really official, it was just play whenever. About a month after 'Held Back' was formed, and they were looking for a rhythm guitarist, Joey thought of Tyler, who had already met Matt, so it seemed like a perfect fit. Towards the end of August, Jon and Tyler met for the first time. Matt had been having football practice every day, so for a while he was no longer able to come to practice. Jon had never been the best at what he did, and for the first couple months the band had put up with it. Then he started getting all demanding all the time, and always saying that Matt should be out of the band. Then at schhol, Jon stopped hanging out with Joey, and said he was retarded. So one practice while it was just Joey and Tyler, they decided to kick Jon out. Joey found Tommy Jordan, another good bassist, that went to Wheaton Academy. They now have 22 songs.

Sturm's Back in.


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