Metal, Hardcore, Other
From: San Josť, Costa Rica

Band Members

  • Marv Castillo - Vocals/Drums
  • Dan Castellano - Guitar/Back Vocals/Progamming
  • J.P FernŠndez - Drums/Back Vocals
  • Chiseng Chan - Guitar/Back Vocals

About Band

Hell’s Avenue is a metal band from Costa Rica. Hell's Avenue is the consequence of the resignation of several bands. Marvin Castillo’s resignation to the band “Doomsday” and the dispersion of the Daniel Castellano, J.P Fernández, and Chiseng Chan Zou band.

The band Doomsday starts in May of 2008 with members Jose David Avalos in the guitar and Marvin Castillo in the drums.

In what started the band everything was going very well, but the pass of the days Jose David stop working, besides that when he inspired to do a guitar song came out more crap...


Marvin always wanted resign but he always gave many opportunities. Meanwhile the drummer Jose Pablo “J.P” Fernandez and the guitarist Daniel Castellano were being also agreed to make a band.

In June of 2008 Daniel and J.P asked Marvin if he wanted to participate in the band, Marvin did not hesitated and said yes, and at the next called Jose David declaimed to Doomsday.


Now had already formed a new band: Daniel Castellano was in the guitar, J.P Fernandez in the drums, Chiseng Chan Zou in the guitar, and Marvin Castillo in the drums, but there were no vocals...


With the passing of time the band was...forgotten so then dispersed. In the November 24th of 2008, Marvin had the idea to bringing together the band with the same members, and try to find a vocalist.

He called J.P and he accepted to be again in the band. And they were very agreed to find a label.

He called one friend Rogelio “Rogel” Fernandez, he asked Rogel if he wanted to be the band vocalist, because when Marv was in Doomsday, Rogel asked Marv if he let him to be in the band as a vocalist. After Marvin answered all the questions that Rogel made, Rogel accepted to be the band vocalist and guitarist.

Then he called Daniel, and asked him if he want to be the band guitarist and to design their website, Daniel accepted to be again in the band but with some little conditions like be a short time DJ.

Marvin asked Daniel if he can ask Chiseng to be again in the band, after calling and talk a while Daniel told Marvin that Chiseng accepted to return to the band.

Then they got to find a name, Marvin suggest Hell’s Avenue, name that he always wanted to use when he was in Doomsday. So they were now a new band: Hell’s Avenue.

With Rogel Fernandez in vocals and guitar, Daniel Castellano in the lead guitar and programation, Marvin Castillo in drums and back vocals, J.P Fernandez in drums, and Chiseng in lead guitar…

They were all prepared and more determined than ever!!!

Marvin did a MySpace, YouTube channel, iLike, Bebo and HI5 to the band.

And by the time is writing songs and composing drum songs and work in the cover from their first album and the band’s pet.

Daniel is the responsible of www.HellsAvenue.com and write songs and compose their guitar songs.

J.P write songs and compose drum songs.

J.P also makes the bands wallpapers and posters.

Chiseng compose guitar songs. And increases his skills on the guitar.

Rogel was working on his voice styles.

But say that Hell's Avenue was a satanic band, and tried to change the band's style.


After the band know that kicked him out.

Giving a new band formation:


·Marv Castillo:Vocals/Drums.

·Dan Castellano:Lead Guitar/Back Vocals/Programming.

·J.P Fernandez:Drums/Back Vocals.

·Chiseng Chan Zou:Guitar/Back Vocals.

Now they’re very prepared to record.

“Walking In Hell” Their first album.

That will come out on July, 2009.

With following songs:



1- E.T.H [Enter To Hell]

2- W.I.H [Walking In Hell]

3- T.F.M [Taken From Me]

5- Y.B.H.P [You Burned His Paradise]

6- T.W.M.M.O.T.V [They Want More Murders On T.V]

7- D.D 1- D.D [Destroy, Destroy]

8- T.N.F.F.T.V [There's No Fate For The Vicious]

9- I.N [It's Night]

10- S.A.D [Suck A Dick]

11- I.T.O.W.K.Y.M [I'm The One Who Killed Your Mommy]

12- A.C.L [A Cannibal Life]



After the finish the album Walking In Hell they're prepared to write and compose again and T.D.I.H will come out in January or earlier...

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