H.G.L.M/ Roderick Williams

H.G.L.M/ Roderick Williams

H.G.L.M/ Roderick Williams

Rap, Gospel, Christian
From: Conway, AR, United States

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As a young man, I began rapping at the age of 4 with my older brother back in the 80's. My influences then was people of the world, I was addicted to rapping, loved it, cherished it, so I sought to master it. Years upon years I would practice freestyling, rapping what was in like everybody else, but in the year 2000, things began to change. GOD saved me from my rebellious ways and I came to know Jesus in a dorm room. The first thing that was required by GOD was that I denouce all of my earlier influences to take on his influence. A total seperation from secular music, into him; little did I know then that the act GOD had me do was part of my assignment. I changed to gospel but my love for rap never changed. I ended up being deep into holy hip-hop, searching out any artist I could find, even underground. But as I got into worship, GOD lead me away from that culture and into the truth about his kingdom. He revealed to me his plan for my life after seeking him, and he revealed his plan with this gift he gave me. No longer would this be identified by the world but by the glory, power, and word of GOD. He began giving me his lyrics and the desire for me to be exalted slowly died. Now I rap to exalt Jesus, and testify of him and the kingdom of GOD. This music is real from the heart of GOD. It's not commercial, nor is it an alternative to hip-hop. This is all the way GOD, and those who have ears to hear will hear what his Spirit is saying to his people. Soon others joined me and as we linked up together we formed a group called: H.G.L.M(Holy Ghost Led Music). Our purpose is to exalt the kingdom of GOD, so that people can get GOD.

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