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HOLDEN BOLE  is currently choppin' wood and cookin' chili as the snow begins to fly 'round the barn and out buildings in his neck of the woods. If you're like Holden, you don't have a lot in common with heiress types or rich 'stars' runnin' in and out of jail and rehab like there was a revolvin' door on those places. Folks like us go to work every day and fix our own flat tires, and we're thankful for what we got, the little things that go right in our lives. That ain't much, and it ain't often, but we're beholden.    HOLDEN BOLE has just released his debut CD on Third Direction Records. The hit single, "I SEE YOU" is uploaded to this site. The rest of the CD, including the second potential gold record, "Daddy Ain't Here Anymore", are all going to be uploaded just as soon as the wood's all cut and stacked on the back porch. We thank you all,  for your patience. If any of you big deal record labels or management people think you wanna get on board the Holden train, come on down. We could sure use someone who knows about the business end of all this stuff. Well, the email to contact Holden is: holdenbole@yahoo.com  or, you can email him through the itty bitty label of his, thirddirectionrecords@yahoo.com and they can see how folks are already gettin' on the Holden train. Holden's mama really wants him to make some money so he can pay for her to move into the Methodist Home with her friends. She loves that assisted living, even though she ain't a Methodist. Listen to the song here, "I SEE YOU" and see if it don't speak right from one heart to another. I think we've all been there before. There isn't much we don't have in common, when you stop to think about it. I guess we just want to hurt a little less, drive a little faster, and sit down at the table with our family. We're thankful for what we got, the little things that go right in our lives. It ain't really all that much, but we're BEHOLDEN.

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Website: www.unsigned.com/holdenbole
Website: www.unsigned.com/thirddirectionstudios

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