Metal, Rock, Funk
From: Sedalia, MO, United States

Band Members

  • Patrick Kimmell - Vocalist
  • Chase McRoy - Bass
  • Michael Kimmell - Lead Guitarist
  • Ben Jackson - Drums

About Band

HOOK was founded in 2006 by Patrick (vocals) and Michael Kimmell (Guitar).  After cycling through our first drummer we added Ben Jackson.  To finish off the Group we added Chase McRoy on the Bass. Here is the full story.

HooK started out with three members; Patrick, Joseph and Michael Kimmell. But Joseph went to adventure elsewhere, so hook was drummerless. One day while sailing the seven seas, they came across a shanty named Ben Jackson who was plundering his goods. Ben told the mateys that he was a drummer for The Jolly Roger Sodomizers. The sea shantys asked him to leave that band and join their crew. HooK was formed, ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! But aye, all was not complete. Alas though, while harbored in Singapour, HooK came across the young land lubber bassist, Chase McRoy, who was then asked to swab the deck with the rest of the crew. HooK was then complete. With a treasure chest of songs handed down by Posidon himself, HooK was then sent out into the world to spread the word of "Pirate Metal". They can be heard sailing The Seven Seas near you!

Some current reviews.

"Hook hails from Sedalia, MO and comes to you with "The Lies of Kings." Heavy Thrash tunes with energy and fever. Original tracks from a four-piece band that's sure to wake up the neighbourhood - in a good way." YipeHype.com 

"Hey dude, you probably dont even know but i listen to your ep you sent buzzbin once a day." Michael Nasvadi // Editor of Buzzbin Magazine"


"Hey man, you know what, I really dig your band." also Michael Nasvadi // Editor of Buzzbin Magazine"

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Website: www.myspace.com/hookppr

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