Hp Lyrikz

Hp Lyrikz

Hp Lyrikz

Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap
From: jamaica, NY, United States

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Growin up I was never that cool kid all the girls would like,I was never someone to think for myself or anyone else..I existed but no one knew,so what diff did it really make?
I used to think my life was controlled by my old friends who were better then me in everything,hanging out wit them felt like I was a somebody.
I always thought life was like a maze,if u wanna get somewhere it would either take u a long time,or maybe never at all.
I always used to get picked on in class,just because i used to do all my work and i wore broken glasses with tape on the side to hold them together,i remember kids talking about me thinking i couldnt hear them calling me fat,ugly,indian and obviously when your a little kid all those words really hit you hard.
I used to come home pretending everything would be fine 1 day;just praying to god that i want a new life and i want to be a somebody that everyone can look up to or respect,a somebody..
I honestly believe slowly all my dreams are coming true and like i wished for years ago i feel im living a entirely new life.
Comin from losing 80 pounds,changing how i look,forgeting the past and becoming a new person overall really made me feel that anyone can do anything if they try.
Right now i feel im on a level thats extremely difficult to achieve giving the circumstances i went through.
My goal is to make it as a rapper,writer,director,produce r,model and a actor.
Seems like a long shot right but if i learned anything from my life is that you really can do anything..if you believe you can.

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