Pop, R&B, Rap
From: Perdika and Ioannina, Greece

Band Members

  • Elias Sakavitsis - Main Vocals and Instrumental
  • Vangeli Mantzekis - Rap Artist and Lyrics

About Band

****Elias Sakavitsis (Lee)****
DOB: 17/07/1979
Hometown: Ioannina Greece
Elias has had various participation in talent shows in Greece and the UK playing the guitar and bass guitar as well as singing main vocals. When living and studying in the UK he was a member of the band "Cawabunga" in Newcastle. Elias has been writing songs since the age of 16 and his talent was recognised at an early stage. After years on and off the music scene for various reasons he is now waiting for the right opertunity to boost the career he has always wanted. With hours of experience within a studio and some experience on computer editing programs he has managed to produce a few demos which you will find here on this site!!
****Vangeli Mantzekis (Angelo)****
DOB: 08/12/1975
Hometown: Perdika, Thesprotia Greece
Vangeli's main part within I II I is Rapping. He wrote lyrics for minor hip hop labels in Athens and is now taking his talent for writing and rapping and combining them. He has also spent hours in music studios and has a very well trained musical ear. He has also helped to produce the demos you will hear on this site where you can catch him in action!!
Music composed by : Lee and Angelo
Lyrics by Lee and Angelo
The artists main Influence at this time is their lives up until this point...the songs tell a story of their life lines. Another big influence is the beautiful surroundings in the area in which they live in Greece (Pictures of which you will also find here)
Elias and Vangeli got the idea for I-II-I as their group name from an old chapel at the end of an ocean cliff, the saint they saw portraited was a woman that blesses people with eyes on seeing their lives, the people and the world around them. On her painting you can see in her hands is a bowl with two eyes in it, kind of like an offering – her eyes to help you see better what you need to do in your life. “She was the eyes that we needed”
Genre: Pop, RnB and some Influences of rock and ethnic music

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Website: www.myspace.com/I_II_I
Website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVoDtl_69MI
Website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilQu7ifQwnw
Website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=crltpbKmP9U

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