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Cha'nele Christine Anderson, was born on September 2, 1983 at the Menorah Hospital of Kansas City, Missouri, to the proud parents, Wilbert and Nina J. Anderson. Being a "10lb Big Baby Girl", she was destine to become something "Big" and "Special" in her life. She continued to stay in Kansas City, but later moved to Saint Louis Missouri, where she was raised. When her parents separated, she then began to move back and forth from both towns, (her father is currently in Saint Louis, also her older sister, Jeannai and three nieces). Growing up, she never really got to stay in one area, so she moved from school to school making new friends but never really being able to stay there that long, so when she finally decided to stay in Kansas City, she attended KC Job Corps, where she later graduated with her High School Diploma and Certificate In Business Office Technology at the age of nineteen. At the age of 20, she moved out of the shelter of her mother and ran into the world like any normal teenager who had strict parents and couldn't explore the world like she wanted too! Soon at 21, there was no stopping this "Party Girl"!. Soon God saw her becoming out of control, and at 22, she was pregnant with her first child, Elijah Anderson (Jan. 23, 2006). Then at the age of 23, came her second son, JiZiah Anderson (Jan. 25,2007). Then finally at the age of 24, came the twins MaKaylia and MaKiylia (April 7,2008). After four kids, she finally got the hint and slowed down! Life for Cha'nele hasn't been easy, and to this day being a single mother of four,she still goes through trials. Her music tells us about this "Prodigal Daughters" life of the heartbreaks, the many relationships, the many friends, the jail time, the girls home, and anything you can think of! God has blessed her with the Voice, the gift of music and the words to share with the world her trials, her life. Today she is a mother, a artist, and walking in the destiny God has for her. She has put away her "KC SONGSTRESS" cap and now she is a "SONGSTRESS FOR CHRIST". On November 1, 2013 her EP "life of a Prodigal Daughter" was released. Five songs of just a taste of her life testimonies for the struggle, the broken heart but also being a over comer. She is also now under the management of LaTrena Dawn (who also is a songwriter and excellent management) This is one woman who is not afraid to take risk and be open with her personal life. Take it from me, I know. I have been around her my whole life, her alter ego....This is Cha'nele Anderson! FOR BOOKING/GET A COPY OF "LIFE OF A PRODIGAL DAUGHTER/ EVENTS PLEASE CONTACT HER MANAGEMENT LATRENA DAWN (lyricalcontentions@gmail.com) (LATRENA DAWN ALSO IS A SONG WRITER IF YOU NEED A WRITER OR MANAGEMENT)

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