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Rashad Mcgee known in the neighborhood as rapper IamDoughboy was born in a small town in St Louis MO known as Kinloch on December 29TH 1989. As the youngest of two growing up with no real father figure in his life, His Mother had to provide for him and his older brother. “As a child he always seemed to have a hustle,” says neighbor. Meanwhile with both his mother and father on drugs and older brother pursuing his rap career, Doughboy turned to the streets and as a way to earn money to survive he turned to selling drugs, having to drop out of high school (but later on finishing). "My mother and father were never really around and most times I would often have to find ways to feed MYSELF," SAYS DOUGHBOY. Rapping was something that Doughboy always took interest in but never pursued. Then around 2004 Doughboys life took a major spin he was attending a local concert for major rap artist "Gucci Mane," While he was in town Doughboy took it as a opportunity to pursue his career as an artist. He made his way back stage by paying security guards, where there he met Gucci Mane. After having a two hour down to earth conversation with the platinum selling artist, doughboy was invited back to the studio. While there Gucci Mane took an interest to Doughboys unique style of rap. He never really took his talent as a rap artist serious until two weeks later he was on tour with Gucci Mane which opened up Doughboys eyes to really see that rapping was his true passion and a alternative outlet for which he has a passion for. After years of hard work on his first solo project Doughboy was devastated to see that someone had leaked his music after two years of being in the Studio, performing at shows, and doing interviews he is back on the grind and ready to release his debut mixtape "Office Referrals" along with his new single “RIDE CLEAN” which is set to drop summer of 2012. Teaming up with some of the best producers and artist This mixtape is said to be one of the most highly anticipated mixtapes of 2012.

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