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Ian Bel is the name behind the video Slave which has had more than 80,000 plays on YouTube.






The man behind the name grew up on a tiny farm not far from Oslo, ’s capital and claims to have begun making music “at the height of 100 cm”.






Bel was heavily influenced by a classical pianist mother and folk musician father and by the sounds of a distant relative – legendary Norwegian violinist and composer Ole Bull – echoing down the family bloodline.






Bel sang in a choir, excelled on the piano and guitar – and proved that violin virtuosity is not a genetic certainty – before forming a number of bands during the 90s.  In 1997 he cut his first independent album, the gothic Mr Government. Six years later he founded UNO Record Company as a small indie label.






Bel has also composed theme music for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation nation and written a humorous children’s book Martha Martha. His many live performances include a 2008 charity concert for Africa inspired by the UN Millennium Development goals.






The latest Ian Bel production is Fake Factory, a concept album based on a self-penned book about the media industry.









·         “Limelight” the official debut album released 2005. (indie-glam with pop leanings)



·         Second album "Dubious Believer" was released in 2006, (indie-pop\rock with a touch of brit-pop). Both albums with good reviews ().



·         The upcoming third album "Fake Factory"… is a concept album based upon a book



written by Ian Bel (so far only in Norwegian). The book is about the music, and the music is about the book.






Fake Factory is the biggest factory\ media house in the world, run by the son of Lucifer, Felix. For those who want a career within politics, music- industry, models or any other public related work, Fake Factory is a must. Felix controls in a fearsome way all the magazines and TV\ Radio stations.



Text, music, written and performed by Ian Bel. Copyright Ian Bel.



·        The single "Teenage Vision" from the album “Fake Factory” reached the top ten new songs chart on the indiependencemusic.net USA may 2008, selected for the June edition of Mike Cameo’s Indies’ Top 10 Pop June 2010, and is Certificated as an International 'Top 40' by The International Association of Independent Recording Artists, IAIRA.



Participating on "Teenage vision", Richard Lorentz(drums)and Hasse Rosbach(bass) from the band Superfamily ().



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