Metal, Alternative, Electronica
From: Rostov-on-Dov, Russian Federation

Band Members

  • Dmitry (Xyrohn) Shkurin - leader of formation: lead guitars/vocals
  • Artem (Syrex) Shkurin - clean and screamvoice
  • Tim Vyper (Integro) - guitars
  • Tony Cyclone - drums
  • Evgeniy "Neutrino" Nesterov - bass

About Band

ILLIDIANCE was formed back in 2005 beginning as modern black metal band with their first album "Insane Mytheries To Demise" (2006) and progressing as cyber electronics with technical black metal riffs with their second album “Nexaeon” (2008) . Together they sold over 5000 copies. Another 6000 copies worldwide was sold after the band took part in the Brutal Festival Compilation 2006. The release of “Synthetic Breed” EP in 2009 saw the natural move towards more catchier cyber metal style where the lyrics were based around the band's influences for high-tech world. The EP was released by Hellcome to Dollywood records and made available through CD Baby, ITunes, Napster and Amazon. Additionally ILLIDIANCE signed a contract with The Flaming Arts Agency in the same year, now the band is managed and booked by one of the most reliable and well-known agencies in Europe, who additionally handle well known acts such as Septic Flesh, Behemoth, Rotting Christ, Sybreed etc.

The band followed their EP up with the release of “Damage Theory” in October 2010. The album was produced by one of the most well-known sound producers in CIS Alexander Karelin and Arcady Navaho, who previously worked with Korea, Amatory, Perimeter, Stigmata, and THRON. Guest musicians such as Mick Priestly from the Green River Project (UK) and Tony JJ (ex- Mnemic, Icon in Me and M.A.N.) appear on “Damage Theory”, which has been released by Mazzar Records the leading Russian alternative music label. Internationally the band has gained recognition appearing in cover mounted CD compilation FEAR CANDY 72 released by TERRORIZER MAGAZINE with their song "Razor To The Skin" (taken from their EP). This was distributed in September 2009, (188 issue), where approx 30.000 copies of Terrorizer are sold worldwide. Additionally Illidiance appeared in issue 24 (2010) of Devolution Magazine, another UK print magazine, in cover-mounted compilation with song “Infected” again taken from their EP “Synthetic Breed.”

ILLIDIANCE has been interviewed by many webzines and radio stations most notability, Japanese station “Rockstream” on Honey FM, along with Metal Messiah Radio and Nvasion Radio (USA) for Vulgars Pit, Hollywood Music TV for Canada with Tina Wilson, Metal TV (Spain), Brutalism (Netherlands), AEA Zine (New York USA), the Rich Wiley Show for Blog Talk Radio (USA) and Treble Radio Rocks (USA). ILLIDIANCE has received numerous airplays (approx 150 stations) and rotations from stations in many different countries. Additionally their songs and pages were featured at more than 25 portals/radios. The band is dedicated in their promotional activities.

Throughout the years of its successful stage career ILLIDIANCE has had the privilege of sharing the stage with such well-known international bands as Rotting Christ, Grave Digger, Thy Disease, Shenight, Deathstars, Sonic Syndicate and went on tours with Hate, Grave, Behemoth, and Crionics. Additionally ILLIDIANCE has played twice at one of Europe's best known festivals: Brutal Assault v11 (2006) and Brutal Assault v13 (2008). The press has also totally embraced ILLIDIANCE and their high-tech influenced cyber metal style.

The EP “Synthetic Breed” gained more than 40 reviews (e.g. Hard Rocker (Poland), Metal Underground, Metal Team UK, MyRevelations (Germany) Industrialized Metal Webzine (Netherlands) etc) with average score 8/10 and according to ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE (Vol 17 issue 18 – California USA Print and webzine) it - “dispels any doubts that ILLIDIANCE, probably synonymous with allegiance, is here to join the metallers for cyber domination!” ILLIDIANCE also has 20 Street Teams in the different corners of the world, their total volume is more than 20.000 people involved and is growing day by day!

 For interview requests and additional promo materials please contact: Band contacts: General Management & Booking Worldwide: THE FLAMING ARTS Agency Vadim Khomich P.O.Box 40 Brest 224023 Belarus Tel.: +375 297 213526 Management & Booking (USA, Canada & Latin America): Natalie “Rag Doll” Dybaylo E-Mail: Management & Booking (Russia): ILLIDIANCE Dmirty 'Xyrohn' Shkurin E-Mail: MySpace:

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