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Hi everyone! I was born in May 15, 1978 in Moscow, where he lived with his parents. I try to live a normal life, no matter what. Music beckoned always. In 1996, buying a computer, learn all you can and can not be about him, in 1997, climbed to the network ... I read in a magazine, about the "soft synths". Put one such example program itself into the computer, listening to - like ... Then, somewhere found the editor - also tried it and it was then that I was hooked ... Well, then - more! I have read a lot of specials. References to create music on a computer, the musical notation for recording, processing, etc., etc.:) At first it was a toy, then, with time and level samouchilsya raised ... :) The musical enthusiasm led to; with how it all started! Then there was:, familiarity with Andrew Sharin, passion synthesizer Rebirth, familiarity with the Guru trekennoy music and demoscene - Igor Shistik, familiarity with a retro 8-bit music ... After Igor Shistik (for which he is very grateful) brought the idea of transferring music to DownTempo-BigBeat-radio ( Written music for games. Still, I participated in Demoscene-festival with his thing.

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