Other, Rock, Gothic
From: Pardubice, Czech Republic

Band Members

  • Thomas - Drums
  • Michal - Guitar
  • Jaroush - Bass
  • Petronius - Keys & Synths
  • Katerina - Lead Vocals

About Band

The basic ideas and essence of INNOCENS were created and set by Jaroush, the experienced musician an componist. When he met young Katerina, the singing student, he absolutely went mad to cooperate with her. Both were very excited by the music. The first songs they made together had just the mood of a peaceful acoustic project ( “Not a Single Word” or “A Fragile Girl”), but their temperaments showed very soon that something more powerful is the right thing they need. Such that sound INNOCENS got from the new members who joined the band very soon. - the violin player Sonja and a talented drummer Thomas. The brand new band INNOCENS began to grow.

More great musicians - Petronius (keyboard, synthetizer) and Dusean (guitar) joined to bring INNOCENS more spirit. At the same time Sonja left the band because of her studies. Fortunately there were no problems with her guest appearance - later she helped INNOCENS a lot with some violin recordings. The first DEMO songs were introduced to public and they really succeed. “Synthetic Flower” was very successful in the rock chart “Rock Arena” of the most famous Czech rock radio HEY!. This song was also chosen for the CD compilation of greatest “Rock Arena” artists.

The second half of 2007 was fully dedicated to hard work and first concerts. INNOCENS got a prestigious offer to made their debut performance on International Music Trade Fair “Muzika” in Prague. Other scheduled dates were coming to fill band’s tour diary.

The music of INNOCENS came through a huge progress. Acoustic parts and mood were definitely forgotten. Influences of classical and electronic music were the leading and most important elements from now. The guitar parts became more powerful and rhythmical. At the end of 2007 INNOCENS started to come-into-line with a magnifical composer Antonin Charvat, who dedicated all his abilities an experience to orchestral arangements and parts of the INNOCENS’s songs.

In January 2008 INNOCENS released the limited version of DEMO songs on CD called “Where Are No Angels”, working on the upcoming official debut at the same time. INNOCENS got some offers to perform abroad. There was yet another great experience for the band – INNOCENS were asked to make a soundtrack for the fantasy movie called “Elfée Legends”. INNOCENS passed their first tour names „Spark & Metalhey Winter Storm 2008 ” in February and March.

New rock talent on the scene caught Martin Fort’s eye (MAFO) and he immediately signed with INNOCENS. Only one sad message for the beginning of 2008 – Dusean left INNOCENS because of his personal health problems. Danek “Safro” played became a session guitarist during the 4-month long looking for Dusean's permanent replacement. In the end, Michal was chosen out of 39 people and joined the band as the new guitarist.

INNOCENS spent a part of summer 2008 in the studio recording their debut album “Free /us/”. The album was released in September 2008 bundled with a Czech magazine. The band is now preparing for an European tour to promote the new album.

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