Inside the Avalanche

Inside the Avalanche

Inside the Avalanche

Rock, Indie
From: Boston, MA, United States

Band Members

  • Ryan Muldoon - Vocals
  • Kevin "The Chemist" Kull - Lead Guitar
  • Nick Stewart - Rhythm Guitar
  • Ben Reynolds - Bass
  • Owen Korzec - Drums

About Band

Inside the Avalanche began its unofficial journey in the Spring of 2008 when Kevin Kull and Nick Stewart began songwriting sessions after a three year hiatus. It was in their original band (Roger That) that a musical relationship took shape and formed the foundation for future music to come. Kevin is a unique lead guitarist who writes creative melody lines: from swirling delayed effects to sparse notes implying distant keyboards. Nick, on the other hand, has come to be known for his songwriting style, and his consistent use of alternate tunings. As the songwriting sessions continued in the spring of 08, the momentum eventually gave way to a full out search for a drummer.

Eventually, a rather unique drummer who possessed both the technical ability, and taste for the project, emerged. Formerly a member of the Boston based teenage rock band Contrition, and a little king in his own right, Owen Korzec officially joined the band in the summer of 2008. Owen can be heard dominating the musical landscape with aggressive beats and strong dynamics.

Fresh off his classical bass training from Ithaca College, Ben Reynolds was looking for projects to give his musical career a jump start. One of the projects he came across was an interesting trio going by the name, Inside the Avalanche. Needless to say, the audition process went very well, which included a memorable “gothic clown” jam and the juggling of empty wine bottles (yes you read that right). Reynolds’ bass playing is marked with a steep appreciation for melody. His passion for the band and his performance style make him an unquestionable asset to the group.

Along came Ryan Muldoon. Ryan possessed the raw songwriting talent and sophistication necessary to fit into the musical landscape that had become Inside the Avalanche. After disappointing fallout as a back up singer and sax player for his previous band in Boston, Ryan banished himself to Jackson. After taking time to re-group, and re-focus, Ryan had made a pledge to himself: return to Boston and front the best band he could find. He started writing material the moment he got in the car, literally. Ryan flourished where the band assumed he'd struggle, and he quickly found a home for himself both musically and professionally.

Let the Avalanche begin.

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