Metal, Alternative, Hardcore
From: indiana, IN, United States

Band Members

  • willo woodford - vocals/screams
  • Evan Jastraub - Lead Guitars/Growls
  • Seth Steen - Drums/Percussion/Pig Squeels

About Band

well we started out as a group of friends who all had a dream to be famous rockstars. some people said we could'nt do it cause the group was mostly black and the vocalist was black. then finally we got off our asses and started practicing afterschool originally it start with me(will),deanh'tae,and rashaad but that same day we met this dude(jeremiah) who said he was from peru,indiana since were all areskateboarders i had asked him what instrument he plays he said bass so we let him practice with us he was good so we keep him. no all we had to do was find a band name at frist we came up with animagus it didn't sit right then we whiped up a batch of names like paradox,kestrel,muddpool,haven and of course muddpool. we let people vote for the names it was a tie between kestrel,paradox and haven i just pick muddpool because it has an awsome symbol i made to it.i hope were seccessful with muddpool it actual was suppose to be like a teen version of linkin park ,drownin pool and puddle of mudd mix in one. but sadly deanhtae has moved somewhere else and now were 426-2523 it doesn't matter if your a girl or boy but the ages have to be 14-19 year's old to try out and i promise this band will be the greatest this world has ever seen yet. and sadly the children of oblivion didn't last long cause after jeremiah wnet to jail everone fell apart except me,i started over by making i shoot zombies it  started when i was sitting on the porch at the pi- radical house talking to these guys named seth,and evan about , movies,games,and music and i told them i was trying to put a  band together and they  said they'd help me out with a studio and that they'd be the guitar players,drummers and techno guys and i said cool and that i'd find a name and we got the name i shoot zombies because i was looking for names in the dictionary and i put togetheri shoot zombies. and the next day i got an e-mail from girl named tory dean that viewed my old bands profile and said, You want to get your music heard at this summer’s warped tour? Kind of…well We here at S.L.A.M.! Magazine have just stepped in at the last minute to try to help our good friends at Punk Junk Donations (a non profit organization that raises food, clothing and financial donations for shelters around the country)  This year the guys at Punk Junk are going out on the 2009 warped tour to bring awareness to their cause. As a reward for each donation they receive at the show they want to say “thank you” by handing out a download card for everyone who participates. 
 If  your band has a good quality recording. Then hit us up. We are putting music on the download card and if you want to get your music on the 50,000 download cards we are producing then call the office. 714-870-SLAM (7526)  This is a great way to promote your band.  Not gunna B.S. yah, there’s a small fee to help cover costs, with a portion of proceeds going to Punk Junk. Hate chargin’ bands, but it’s the only way to make this happen. It will be $300 for one track on the download card, but that ends up being less than a penny a card. Heck you can’t even make fliers that cheap.  Not much time to get this done, so get at us quick to make this happen! What does it hurt to call? 714-870-SLAM (7526)! Want us to hit you up? Email yer info (band, name, email, phone number) to tory@slamscene.com and we’ll get at you pronto! Look forward to working with you on this amazing project for a great cause! Thanks for taking the time to read all the way to the end. Call me if you have any questions at all,



and dude did i go nuts i have always waited for an opportunity like this and i go a full band now  ,we haven't practiced and warp tour is right around the corner so if anyone reads this pray to god that things work out

willo woodford


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