Ithaka Maria

Ithaka Maria

Ithaka Maria

Pop, Rock, Acoustic
From: Tallinn, Estonia

About Artist

Ithaka Maria If the moniker Ithaka Maria sounds somewhat exotic for a girl born and raised on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, then perhaps her family background explains the atypical name of the Estonian singer, which is – on her birth certificate at least – even more audacious: Gyrcelea Ithaka Maria. Born to a bohemian hippie family of a designer- musician-poet father and an avid Indian dance and art-worshipping mother, the future pop queen was always treated as an equal. Hence her unique style, strong survival instincts and sharp focus. Music has been an integral part of her life as long as she can remember. Ithaka Maria started penning songs – mainly about her mum and kitty and the rain and the sun – pretty much the same time she traded her soother for chocolate; songs that proved to be an indication of early creative impulses and artistic freedom she had inherited from her liberal parents. At the age of 17, the soon-to-be teenage icon auditioned for a band called Best B4, and soon became the most prominent and idolized member. Both fans and critics alike were stunned by her aura and impulsiveness. Within months, she gained the reputation of the “first Estonian artist with an attitude”. Soon thereafter, Ithaka Maria – known for her mesmerizing sound – established herself as a heavyweight songwriter as well. Her first national hit stormed the airwaves of her native Estonia in 1998. “Children of the Sea” was a massive knockout hit, and it was soon evident she needed a band of her own. “Slobodan River” became Ithaka Maria’s band for years. They released eight singles nationwide in 2004 alone, seven of which became local radio hits. It’s probably her personal diversity that has paved her way to both mainstream success and critical acclaim. Having taken lessons in classical piano, sound design, conducting, and - who would have guessed - kickboxing, she is nothing less than unconditionally ambitious, yet she is altruistic and warm in her personal and creative endeavours. And if the world needs saving one gloomy afternoon – Ithaka Maria will be there to give a hand, even if her only weapon is a bagful of brilliant pop tunes.

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