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Alex and Eugene met at local bar examing the rig of This Will Destroy You in October 2010. Alex played in a band called «Epsilon Lyr» and Eugene was a gutarist of « I am waiting for you last s…» Theese bands hardly breathed, and so at one of the parties at the same bar, drunk a fair amount of whiskey, Alex came up to Eugene and asked him if he wanted to play together. Eugene agreed and guys started writing material and rehearsing. Soon they invited his friend dj Leo on one rehearsal as listener, and soon he became a member of the band, responsible for the electronic component of music. The ceremony taking Leo to the band was following: at the building of the local government guys asked the King to christen Leo as DJ of IWFYLS, so The King did it and then a detachment of cavalry gave 3 honorary shot into the sky, and a thick needle fastened DJ icon to the chest of Leo.

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