Iyana Nicole

Iyana Nicole

Iyana Nicole

R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop
From: Augusta, GA, United States

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My name is Iyana Nicole Herbert. I am 20 years old(Gemini)...

I have been writing and singing since BEFORE i was born. . . music is my passion

I gave up on music when I had my first child at 16. I now have 3 wild boys that i love to death....

I'm NOT a sweet girl...not the all american girl people tend to expect upcoming artists to be....but I am wild, crazy, tough, outspoken, hilarious, and a great friend if I EVER allow you to get close enough to me...

A great friend of mine heard my voice and was disappointed in me for not using my voice and making something of myself. In turn i replied that EVERYONE wants a shot in the music industry. EVERYONE wants to sing/rap/perform etc....I do it, not for fame or money....but b/c music is my soul, the food i eat, sleep, and breathe. And I would be happy EVEN if I never got signed, as long as i know i can still SING....

I'm a little bit weird. People don't tend to understand my ways. I am undefined. Never a follower. Not exactly a leader...I'm just me. Iyana Nicole......

P.S: I never really gave up on music completely...just put it to the side for a bit....

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Website: IyanaNicole_90@twitter.com

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