Izz Khalda

Izz Khalda

Izz Khalda

Hip-Hop, Rap, Other
From: Rundu, Namibia

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born in august 1994 the 12th in detroit, a song writter, music producer and an uprising actor..
i started rapping at age 14..
grew up in america, detroit michigan and came in africa when i was 12 years old, im amoung the core founder of the teamwood group, its a hip hop rap group of 3 members.. formed by klleen hood, the teamwood is not just a group we are family..
at age 14 i stole a gun from ma dads lockers and wanted to blust some ass without the thoughts of a black thought, i wanted to be a real gangstor and em other maphukas on the block forced me to carry a 9 ml piss on the back..well i didnt shoot nobody that night, i had the gun for protection and blowing any nigga who would come test me and all that shit,
a month later  my dad started to suspect that there gun was missing and searched in ma rum and found a gun at the back of ma pillow,well he didnt like it for me growing as a gangstor, but i told em i aint no gangstor , im just a rapper, so shit went cool forgive and forget and all that bullshit,, well i just like ma old man, thats a quetar of life ama tell yall when i get the time

rapping is part of ma life so ama rap till ma hatters can undertand me and what the fuck i do best..

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