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From: Oslo, Norway

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The Angolan borned Rapper(J-zino)Now based in Oslo, Norway. Has Became a well known Name in the Norwergian Underground Hip-Hop Scene in a very short time.

Music has always been a party of his life since he heard his uncle rappin for the first time back 1999,his passion for this type music started growin up.On his earlier age of 12 he start writing songs and showin up at rapbatlles at school, with a long way to go he didn't gave up.

2005: His first Debut Mixtape in Portuguese(Artigo 125) came out soon as he was realised free from the Juvenal Prison,that's when he started takin Hip-Hop culture more serious. 2 years later he decided to change the language and started writin in English to reach higher level with his music.

2009:He introduced him self for the very first time at the Norwegian Hip-Hop scene with that streets hit song''Kald Luft Kald By'' meaning ''cold air Cold City'' from his first English Ep called ''Crack Muzikk Ep''which became sucesfull on the internet with over 1.500 downloads on the first 2-3 months.

Scandinavian/Norwegian largest hiphop Magasine ''Kingsize'' decided to write about him on the first page of their webside,also a few local news paper wrote about him . that was agreat year of his career because he went from being an local rapper to a well known  name around the country.

In one year J-zino participated in 4 differents mixtapes in Norway outside his own,he also worked/warmed up for Norwegian rapstars.With over 40 shows done around the country and international ( Netherland)songs plaid at major radio stations in Norway(Nrk p3,Tromsø Radio)and a Few independent angolan radio stations around the internet.

J-zino is one of Norwegian most known underground name in the game with over 230.000 views on the internet!

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