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Jimmy Levy, better known as Jai Ell, is a singer-songwriter from
Lakeland, Florida. His 2008 new wave mixtape embodies Jai Ell's
uninhibited taste for music. Titled "Live From My Mind", the mixtape
is a combination of high energy techno beats, soulful R&B melodies,
and his signature thought provoking lyrics that he is known for.
Currently, Jai Ell is working on his new untitled album in Tampa,
Florida. Utilizing his fresh style of singing-songwriting, the new
album refuses to be limited by one genre. Breaking free from the
current state of music, Jai Ell stays true to his passion for word
play, penning lyrics that are uniquely his own. The result is an
unconventional mix of R&B, alternative, rock, and new wave that leaves
you addicted to his unexpectedly positive vibe.

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