jay-tight divine

jay-tight divine

jay-tight divine

Hip-Hop, Rap
From: cape town, South Africa

About Artist

Luthando edwin mhlantla given as a brith name.. I was born in the eastern cape in king williams town in a snall village of liefeldt. At a young age of 8 years, I moved to the northen suburbs of johannesburg that's where the passion for hip-hop started after getting introduced the likes of eminem,jay-z,biggysmalls,tupac and 50c's music. At first I didn't think of becoming a rapper,I got intersted in a freestyle dance called krumping after being influenced by watching a series of hip-hop dance movies such as stomp the yard,you got served and step up.during primary school my friends and I after the end of every movie we would try to replicate the dance moves that where perfomed on the movies and compete against each other during free time at school.I remeber there was these was these 'krump kings' video's that I was very interested in..I watched and studied them a lot and started to feel that I'm becoming more good at this,when I showed my friends at school of the new moves that I've learnt they were just excited and decided to name me after the 'krump king himself..his name is tight eyes,then word spreaded around all my dancing friends and they called me tight eyes. I was never a so called "bright" kid because in during classes when ever I loose concerntration I started to draw pictures in my school books and used to get introuble with my teachers for it. After a long period of time I heard rap beats and from a friends phone, I got hooked on the beats like crazy,I remember watching other kids in the street corners rapping every time I pass by after school and one day I decided to go there and listen that's where I got interested in writing my own lyrics,now inclass instead of drawing pictures in my books I I'm scribbling short. Rhymes all over,put them together then after school go to those circle of kids and rapped what I wrote.every one seemed to like it then that's were I got inspired to write more.. After primary school going to high school I saw the bigger picture and decided that this is what I wanna do for the rest of my life.. I started going into cyphers when they asked what my stage name was I told them I'm junior tight eyes they laughed at first but when they heard I was actually good in rap they showed me respect by calling me jay-tee at first it was j-t. I started to perfom at different cyphers all over town and around my area. As years go by the music changed and the lyrical content changed too I became a more conscious writter that's where the divine name came in and I became jay-tight divine. I moved to the western cape in cape town then met people who were as serious as I was in. Making music then we decided to hustle our way up to the music indurstry but then again hiphop changed as the time went by so we had to adopt to the new style of rap which they call trap now and that's what my music's style is like now.

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