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JazZ is the stage name of a Singaporean who wishes to remain anonymous.

("Why else would I need a stage name?")

JazZ's music is, unlike her name suggests, leaning more towards the acoustic pop and piano pop with classical and Christian influence. However, she does like jazz music. She has composed 15 songs to date and is working on a lot more of them to come (she usually writes them on the bus, because that's where she gets random inspiration). 

A seasoned classical pianist, not-so-seasoned classical guitarist, double bassist (the string instrument), mezzo-soprano songwriter and amateur journalist with a local newspaper, JazZ is also part of the aCOUSTIChEARTS band, and another band tentatively named Anonymous Connection as the pianist, songwriter, leader-spokesperson-manager and backup singer. However she prefers it not to be known to her band members that she also appears as a solo artist under the name of JazZ (for obvious reasons).

In her free time JazZ likes to pen her own lyrical songs, play chess and write for the national newspaper. Her influences include JoJo, Aly and AJ, Stacie Orrico, Kelly Clarkson, the Veronicas, the Fray and Planet Shakers, as well as local Singaporean singer-songwriters Corrinne May and Tanya Chua. Here is an excerpt from Tears, her newest song:


music and lyrics by JazZ

performed by JazZ

Everybody has a time for them to go

They've got to move on, move on in life

It may seem difficult to accept so

Put the pedal to the metal, maybe go for a drive

Hit the highway and feel the wind in your face

Run away, get away from the reality race

At the end you'll feel the tears

Tears (they fall to the ground)

Tears (without a sound)

Tears Tears Tears


**kindly do NOT STEAL JazZ's song- she has had many 'incidents' before...


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Website: allthatjazzforever.blogspot.com/
Website: www.youtube.com/randomlyinspired

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