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Jazzi Jay was born and raised in a small town from Tennessee. She is a versatile rapper puttin' on for the LGBT Community. Growing up she always had this feeling for music, but had no idea what to do with it. When she turned 16 she knew exactly what she wanted to do. In the past she has had some let downs, some struggles, some embarrassing moments, but she has worked past some peoples lack of faith and support. She can not wait to see what the future holds in this industry because she will never give up. She is also part of Teem Kleen which includes Rone Smith as the DJ, and her little sister as the dancer. She is open to any collabs contact Jazzijay423@gmail.com if you are interested. Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/JazzijayGreeneyedbandit423Fiyahspitta Teem Kleen Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/DjKleenPsalms51710 Twitter: @TheOfficialGEB

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Website: www.facebook.com/JazzijayGreeneyedbandi t423Fiyahspitta
Website: Twitter @TheOfficialGEB

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