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All right, enjoy, my complete name is Ereny Jazmin Mota and i have 15 years old (2008).

I'm studing piano and vocalization in the Music Academy Elisa Mena of Bellas Artes school.I ever know my future,since i was 3 years i know songs complete of much famous singers, example: Selena( she dead).

And I have 3 brothers(2 boys and 1 girl),I'm in second year of the High School and i finish the High School in 2 years more(so 3th and 4th).

My father live in Spain but is Dominican and my mother are here and is dominican too.

My influences are Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens (except the part without clothing), Selena, Jonas Brothers, Corbin Bleu, Zac Efron, and more.

For more information only  what you do is WAIT....BYE SEE YOU LATER.

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Website: tomoyodaidoji.es.tl
Website: es.youtube.com/user/Jazmin148
Website: ereny.es.tl
Website: mipagina.univision.com/jonasbrotherspag e
Website: mipagina.univision.com/ashleymtisdale

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