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Nowadays everyone raps, but only a few are born with a natural talent of writing, rhyming, and performing. J.Dot.P is one of few, and his journey didn’t begin overnight. He has been making his way through the underground music scene for years while continually developing his talent as a writer, and rapper/performer. Hailing from the Land of Lincoln, J.Dot.P is from a rap culture where rap styles are influenced by all coasts but uniquely stand out by the ability to rhyme faster and deliver flows with harmony. A native of Rockford, Illinois, J.Dot.P embodies an unparalleled mid-western demeanor integrated with a superstar southern swagger. With the release of his brand new single “Pour It Up” J.Dot.P has made Miami, Florida his new home and is ready to expand his brand, and his music. “Pour It Up” (Produced by Rude Boi of Def Jam Recording Artists, GitFresh) is the first single released off of his debut album, Bout My Business, which is marketed and distributed by his company, Perfection Entertainment Group. Not only does he write, record, and perform his own music but he has also developed his own website.www.jdotpmusic.com is a platform to showcase his music, and also display an array of other talents such as writing, and design. When he moved to the gulf coast of Florida in 2005, it wasn’t long before he caused a ruckus and his mid-western demeanor spread like wildfire. His wildly popular single “We Roll Deep” caught the attention of local producers, DJs, club promoters. He created a solid foundation for his emerging fan base, and before you knew it, J.Dot.P was performing at local venues, winning open mic nights, featured on mix tapes, and was nominated for “Most Valuable Player” and “Up and Coming Artist of the Year” by regional Magazines. Soon afterwards, J.Dot.P unleashed his next track “Life” which was produced by an award-winning producer as a demo track for J.Dot.P. The song had made it to the largest radio station on the Gulf Coast and was being played along side major recording artists. People all along the Gulf Coast were singing the lyrics to “Life“, until it all came to an abrupt halt. J.Dot.P receive a message from the producer to stop promoting the record because a major artist now owns the production. This struck a blow to J.Dot.P and his fans. “That was the record that was about to change things for me, that was my hit” admits J.Dot.P. “People were approaching me telling me how much that song meant to them, it meant a lot to me too, but it’s a lesson learned, and I had to keep it moving.” After a major disappointment, J.Dot.P continued his journey. He has performed on stages from Mobile Alabama, down through Gainesville, Florida and even as far north as Chicago, Illinois. Gaining fans in every city he visits. With singles such as “Life”, “King Of The White Boys”, and “Swagga Juice Drippin’” J.Dot.P had become the local artist that had music played on the radio without having a major record deal. “Naum Sayin’” was another single that grew popular both in the streets and online. With thousands of downloads, and consistent play on some of the largest internet radio stations around; he once again proved he is capable of producing music that reaches the masses. With his recent single “Pour It Up” J.Dot.P is ready to make his mark on the Miami market and expand his brand to a new audience. “Bout My Business” is set for release this summer. Orders for physical copies can be made at www.jdotpmusic.com and digital copies will be available at all major music online stores. “Pour It Up” is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and more. For features, interviews or any other related inquiry, please contact: Keisha Ke http://www.jdotpmusic.com Management@jdotpmusic.com

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