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Lil street. Lota gentleman. Very blunt and straight to the point. I'm definitely not known for biting my tongue. I'm a taurus. Bull headed yet very passionate with a heart of gold that has turned slightly cold. I've been thru hell and back. I've seen crazy in every sense of the word! All i ask of anyone be it friend, business partner, dating, or relationship is the damn truth. I've seen it all. I'm a grown ass man. I can handle anything you can feed me but bullShit.

Sup world? I am JG. I am sure a lot of you are askin yourself...Whats up with this lil white boy? Let me tell ya a lil bit. What ya see is what ya get. I been me probably longer than the majority of you have been the you that you are now. I still know cats who use to be pretty boys, polo kids, junior high, callin me a wigger and a wanna be. Lol. Look at em now. I aint changed one bit as far as character goes, except for the MAJORITY of the street shit. I had to change a few things or I would definitely not be here. Hell I am lucky to still be here. Thanks to the one and only Lord above. I guess the best place to start would have to be elementary school. I was always big into basketball. As the most of you probably know, the majority of ball players are black. Thats how I met one of my best friends, PK, Paul Kimbrough. ONE HOMEY. Paul and I were like brothers. We went to the same junior high school. Junior high is about the age the classifications began. Wiggers. Preps. Grundge. Blah. Well as far as the other kids and groups go, who wants to be seen with the lil wigger? As far as the white people go at least. Lol. Hell in 7th grade I had to whoop this wanna be Nazi's ass. Lol. I am jewish and kick it with black folks! LOL! They hate me twice!! Anyway, these issues just pushed me further away from the white kids and more towards the black, mexican, and occassionally a white person who was similar to me. Now, I am not a killer or technically a gangster but runnin with who I ran with, in the Roc streets, smoking weed at a young age, and other events best unsaid definitely turned me into the complete opposite of that happy go lucky white boy that rolled up on roller skates at Sonic with tater tots, a smile, and what not. I was raised in a jewish home. A boy is considered a man at age 13. Thats when I got my first job slash hustle. Sellin sodas at the baseball field off 12th. Pops definitely raised a business man. Always taught me to fend for myself. I HOLD MY OWN!!! I guess the next place to take you would be high school. Again, me and PK, same school, Parkview. Now fuc what ya heard bout Parkview. The school was ok. The people and the surrounding streets were what I loved; John Barrow. Don't know what you heard bout Barrow but it ain't no punk and is a hustlers paradise and hell. Ya can get money but just as quickly get killed for it. Age 18, my boy Aaron Lovelace (REST IN MUCH LOVE HOMEY!) caught wind of me robbin and hittin halfway hustlers and decided to put me on. We made stacks on stacks for years then the life he pulled me out of got to him. I have seen hell. Literaly. Imagine your road dogs remains bein dental records and that was just one of 3 close friends murkd in 15 months. REST IN MUCH LOVE BRAYLON GRAY AND DAVID HENSHAW!!! I love you mafucas!! I have had guns pulled on me, been pistol whipped, stomped into the concrete, damn near everything but actually been shot. I am still here, fightin, breathin, blessed. I got a heart of gold but go thru what I have been thru and it will not take long for the gold to turn cold. I have met my maker. I am at peace with him and ready to meet him again. Its not a suicidal thought. Its the ability to accept that I mite not live much longer and could get killed on any of the Roc streets. It doesn't even matter where. Mafucas gettin robbed, shot, and killed in the best of areas out here. One word. Recession. Affects everyone. With the comfort of knowin tomorrow isn't promised I am guna live it up everyday and get it while I can!!!!! LIL ROC BUILT COMIN SOON TO A REAL MAFUCA NEAR YOU!!! ONE AND THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!!! THE JG!!!!!

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