Jimmy Vasquez

Jimmy Vasquez

Jimmy Vasquez

From: westbury, NY, United States

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1st Single off Pay Me In Gold , the upgraded studio Album by S.S. Set to release 2015. This that mother fucking Block Life!! lyrics Want me to spit wonder rhymer shit / me and my conglomerates / took a style giveth from The Lord and acknowledged it/ then I polished it / readied it for sale than stocked it in/ clockers on the corner watch me profit then/ I could get the work same day the plug locked me in/ take it to the block n if it's pure who gon stop me then/ they shit was stepped on before the extra shit u chopping in/ keep calm I'm closer to the shooter then a hostage is /uh/ and u ain't even know it / shopped with the bitch took a band and I ain't even blow it/ chill baby .. You ain't even take a trip yet / this ain't the entree I'm just tryna get your lips wet / mix the Henny with the Guinness when it's just a 5th left/ backwoods only leave them Dutches on the fifth step/ in my mind.. I'm a 5 percenter/ mixed with the other 95 percent winner/ and my grind ... More consistent than my weed splitter/ leaf twister to spot the Draco and Shapeshifters / fuck em all /they want my soul in a box on the wall / just how it's bred like Jordan 4s / fuck a audemar wanna war This that motherfucking block life SKIDDIT / youth posted at the stop sign YAYO/ pumpers run up at the stop light PUSH/ keep ya noggin on swivel for the cop lights / AT THE TOP

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