Jules H.

Jules H.

Jules H.

Folk, Acoustic, Indie
From: Yellowknife, NT, Canada

About Artist

  i play the ukulele, and sing, kindof good i s'pose
i lik eto spend hours doing nothing
and i'm very lame, not lame as in gimped, well maybe socally, and in the ways of spelling, but i'm not crippeled
i want to go to cappilano(sp?) after high school, but if being able to coreectly spell the name of the school is a requirement, i may be s.o.l.
i have an older brother who i look up to, unfortunatly
but i don't feel we're very alike at all, because i, unlike him, know when to let things be

i like friends, of all kinds, and types, but have been missused? is that the right word? mistreated? by a few of them
but i tend to be someone who forgives, but can't forget
for example
if i met you, if we're friends, i'll prolly remember our first friendly conversation, or even our very first conversation ever

my biggest regret is the way i've treated things, all things
and the fact that at 16 i'm surprised that i havn't found myself, i mean, i don't have a ticket to europ, i don't have anything of the sort
it's strange that it's still a surprise

my parents are devorced and have been since i was two, it's not bothersome at all, except for the fact that my father lives in BC and i hardly see him
but this might proove to be for the best though
as it gives me more reasons to go to BC, a place i adore

i'm a fan of real music, 'nuff said

i like poems, i like books, and i like sunny day and walks that have no real end in sight

i'll make it big, i don't know how, and i don't have near enough good looks or talent, but just wait and see, i'll be huge

i have alot of half baked ideas, and that doesn't bother me in the least, i mean, cookies are best half baked, so why can't ideas and theories be the same?

i watch too much tv, and go on too much nexopia

i work, and hate it

that's me.

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