Junior The Rapper

Junior The Rapper

Junior The Rapper

Hip-Hop, Rap, Other
From: Durban, South Africa

About Artist

Junior The Rapper real name Biya Nkosiniphile Junior is a rapper, composer, singer, songwriter and a producer. He started listening to urban music when he was 5, that was when he could choose what kind of music he is into. The artists that inspired him to start writing rap music are, Tip Harris (known as T.I), Lil Wayne, Drake and Jay-Z. junior started writing rap music based on what his favourite rappers where talking about in their music, after realising that he also has his own story to tell he then started writing original content that led to other people telling him that they think that he is very talented and they wish for him to continue with his music. All that Junior is talking about in his music is relevant to what the youth of today is going through. Junior says “I know that there are things that I have experienced in my life and I know that there is someone out there who has encountered the same experiences, may job is to let that certain someone know that life goes on regardless of what we experience along the way”. Junior listens to all kinds of music, this is probably the reason why his music is a mixture of different genres. You can sort of pick up different flavours in Junior’s music, Junior is simply a musician because his music is a product of a lot of cultures and genres. The biggest influence behind Junior’s music is Drake (Canadian Artist) who has been Junior’s favourite artist from 2009 to this is day. Junior started to listen to South African music in 2012, that is when he started adding isiZulu to his music so that he can connect to our local audience

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