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------------------Welcome------------------------------------------------------- ___________________________________________________________________________JP the name u may hear in africa,arabia,usa or asia ! U can say he is a lucky guy after all ! He is known as a solo rapper but he made a online crew which is known as wwg(world wide gangstazz).Wwg got 3 member in the crew, and they are EAZY(africa), JP(arabia) and Dec-da-6(asia) . JP sit on work all alone in his own studio call .ARABIAN NINJA PRODUCTION. He is the 1 on Mastering,editing and mixing ! Kingdom of Saudi Arabia< is the place he grew up, But Orginally he is from asia from the country call BANGLADESH . But his family moved to k.s.a since when Jp was just 4 year old and never turned back to his own country,for almost 14 years ! The month December ,2009. At the age of 16, Jp made his 1st r&b track call . ARABIAN LADYíS LOVE. But For the reason of poor mic and the lack of good mixing and editing, the song wasnít so good. But then his luck turned to him when he found some pc studio and virtual dj to work with ! and then he made his second track call .W3 RUN DA OLD TOWN. And since then he never had to turn back! It changed his luck cause after releasing the track he got an offer from the rapper > dec-da-6 < to do a collab ! the song was the 1 which formed the online crew WWG. And after doing that collab jp got more offer for some more collabs !! since now he made many several hitz and among them some exculisves are > M-styll-fly< Qnzblazerz a famous crew from u.s.a featured Jp on that track ! >Balling all over < Jp featured EAZY from south africa ! > shake that booty girl< NBN live from asia featured JP ! and many more & more hits are there we got from JP ! After only six month since he stared rapping ! he got chance in k.s.a RAPPERS chart position ! And His highest ranking position was 2nd place !! As far was we know releasing an album back in his own country (BANGLADESH) is the greatest dream Jp have now ! and that is the important MISSION he wanna success in !

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Website: www.myspace.com/darkjp1
Website: www.reverbnation.com/jpakamd

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