Reggae, Ska, World
From: San Francisco, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Michael Dayao - Guitarist, Vocalist
  • Steve Salta - Drums/Percussions
  • Chris Jones - Bass, Vocals
  • Josh Hoover - Sax, Percussions

About Band

CHECK OUT DA NEW "LIGHT UP" VIDEO JUST RELEASED @ http://www.kapakahimusic.com

What exactly is KAPAKAHI? Simply put, it’s complicated.

Imagine if you kidnapped Sublime, put them on an island with a case of rum and invited The P-Funk All Stars, 311 and Lupe Fiasco to join the party...they would probably come up with a sound ALMOST as unique as Kapakahi’s.

Like the multi-cultural mix of musicians that make up the band, Kapakahi is about celebrating diversity in all its fun, funky glory. Their music is a fresh and progressive mash-up of pop, reggae, latin, hip-hop and funk and their energetic stage show grabs the attention of whatever crowd they're in front of.

So, regardless of any label  placed on them, Kapakahi's genre-bending style aims for ONE thing: to get your ass moving on the dance floor!



LIGHT UP is the movement to strive to be higher than the individual.

It came from the simple idea to Light Up one’s life. After being together for 4 years, writing, touring and meeting people on the road, we’ve realized that our music can stand for something more than just a good time.  Light Up is the idea that our music can be a positive force in the lives that we come to touch. It is the connection we seek and the bond that we make in that moment when a person can relate to our music.

Whether rich or poor, we are all part of the same struggle of life that reminds us in the end, all we really have is each other. It is within all of us to share the light, "so light up the night with your smile and I'll smile back, then we be all right now that we are here again..." (lyrics from track, "Light Up."


Take catchy pop hooks and hip-hop sensibilities, add a twist of reggae and some Latin beats, bend it together with some funk . . . it sounds like a recipe for confusion. In Hawaiian, there's a phrase for this: Kapakahi, or twisted, bent, and confused. What better word is there to describe a band that takes all the above influences and fuses them together into something so booty-shakin' good it doesn't matter how you define it?

 Kapakahi came together in April of 2005 when five musicians came together in a garage somewhere in the Mission district of San Francisco. Bringing together five different musical and geographical backgrounds, they eventually formed their unique sound. Now a four-piece act, Kapakahi have come a long way from their garage days, playing top-notch venues all over the Bay area and beyond. One year after that first session in the Mission comes the national release of Kapakahi's appropriately titled debut, Twisted, Bent & Confused, 13 tracks of mind-blowing and irresistibly danceable grooves.

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Website: www.kapakahimusic.com
Website: www.myspace.com/kapakahi

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