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Kash Couture

Kash Couture

From: miami, FL, United States

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Aug 30 , 1984 in Miami Fl. (Mercy Hospital) an young r&b lyricist was born. Genita .S. Thrower Genita was born in Miami dade county but was raised in Cairo Ga, by her grandmother until she was 11 years old then she moved back to Miami with her mom. Genita knew at an early age of what her destiny was. Which was to become an R&B queen. From elementary school on up she kept her dream alive..No one could hold her down. Genita sang her self and her younger sister to sleep , everynight. Genita's first song was written in 1994.She was in the 3rd grade. The song was titled (Your're drivin me Crazy) Which is still a hit might i add. During Middle school (lake stevens middle) Genita kept writing and exploring her journey to the top. She joined a music class.She loved and enjoyed her chorus class) Genita looked up to her Music teacher ,Mrs Hunt. Mrs. Hunt has taught Genita alot about her voice , that she never knew existed. 2002 Genita attended Turner Job corps. in Albany Ga. Where she met her former group member Esther better known as Mya . Genita and Mya discovered each others voices, and decided to sing together as one. Everyone at the Job corp center was amazed with this dynamic duo. Eventially Genita's nick name became Kash. Now Kash and Mya was on the road to stardom.They went to different studios and no one ever took them serious. Due to there age. Kash was 17 and Mya was 16. They felt as though they had the same dream.. So through the ups and downs they shall stand tall together.They each had an story to tell .So why not tell it together? Kash and Mya felt as if, they would be more recognizable if they were to sing together. Two voices are always stronger than one. 2004 Kash and Mya lost contact.Kash moved back to Miami. While Mya went off to college in Tampa Fl.But the two never lost their dream. Kash was doing her own thing and so was Mya. 2006 Kash & Mya reunited and now there music was on and back in effect!Kash wrote a song called (You do me wrong)Mya instantlly fell deeply in love with the song.They went to a studio in Liberty City to Record their first song ever together. The song was a hit! Unfortunately the studios quality wasn't. Everyone that heard the track was very please however , we were not. 2007 Mya introduced a young lady by the name of Jewls to Kash . She advised Kash that Jewls wanted to be a member of the group. Kash agreed to the offer. Together they were called (Trios Ange) They wrote hits ,after hits, after hits. Kash started to work on here solo project.Her first song recorded alone was titled (Playing Around)But Sill Working and staying focused on her group project. Kash presented the song to her family and friends, and they were extremely overwhelmed with joy. Kash's mom did not approve of her ambision to sing.But once she heard her daughters first new single, she was more pleased. Now her mom is her number one fan! Now the heat is on!! Kash and her group Trio Ang is now learning and doing more colabs than a little bit. Kah has colabed with :J Rich ,Young South , Shorty A , King Star from( Punkie Stars )and she is now workin on an project with The Mafia Princesses, Miss Glamour Girl & Sparkle .. Miss Kash is now developing more knowledge into becoming a better artist and is also inquiring more information and learning the tricks and trades of the music business. She has also learned how to overcome objections , trials, & critical obstacles.. Miss Kash has a story to tell and an brilliant way of telling it. So look out for the OH SO XpenSive Miss Kash! Miss Kash is the UNTOLD SECRET OF THE SOUTH! Pimp My Profile

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