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Yo wassup, i'm coming from a small tow called Copan from Honduras the amazinest place ever..

Just the right rap rhymes, just write for that time, fight for that climb.....

With mad shit on my mind, i just write rhymes all the time, fight crime with the right lines, and recognize the bringt minds. Maybe everybody should move their body, and have a par tee, realistically logistically and common-sensically. I think it would improve a whole lot soothe a lot see if we were all bangin' out, chillin' with each realizin' the possibilities of our many brothers information that's lately working, baking and shaking our nations and maybe we'd work together, do some cool shit made cars with new fuels and shit casas independently electric giving a bit back to the grid gettin' an extra check for the shit. It's the next shit, it's the best shit.  Lets test the shit like right express quick and express shit like we were depresses dicks trying to impress chicks, Rescue oppressed and repressed cliques that'll ckicity clack like a freight train in a straight line stavin' on the same main track with some blessed gifts on course of course keep coming back game time.

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