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Well, I'm actually only 14. But I really want to be a singer one day. Maybe one debut album will be nice. But you know,there are so many talented people out there that don't get signed to a contract for either acting or singing or other stuff no matter what it is. I'm not a guitar player and my piano isn't that good. But I believe that I have a great voice to share with everyone.Other than that I play the flute,bassoon and 5 kinds of recorders(Sopranino,Soprano,Auto,Tenor,Bass )I can't make music by instrument but I do with just vocals. I make my music mostly when I'm in a upset mood or when I really need to get something out either happiness or sadness. Recently, the 88 Flood(happened on August 8th in the south area of Taiwan) made me very sad, I belong to a woodwind and brass band( orchestra minus the strings), one of our Auto Saxophone players is stuck in the mountains because the roads were cut off by the ground slides. I felt really bad for him so I wrote a song for all of the people facing the flood,death of their families and more. I even uploaded the lyrics both English and Chinese. I hope that I will get some fans at this site. Even crazier and get signed! Support me please!!!

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