From: Daruvar, Croatia

Band Members

  • Dino Purić - Vocal
  • Goran Vedriš - Guitar / Bass
  • Marko Kovačević - bass guitar
  • Alen Kralj - drums

About Band

Kheops is a rock band from a little town in Croatia, Daruvar.
Band was formed in 2006. Since then we recorded one full demo record,
and we are constantly writing new songs.
In 2009 Antonio Mik joined the band, as permanent bass player.

News: Band is preparing for studio. 3 songs will be recorded
Band recorded 3 songs in Studio Depth, Pozega (producer Filip Sertic), mastered versions will be uploaded in 2 weeks. Recorded songs are: Prisoner Of Love, End Of The Game and Where Did We Go Wrong.

News: The new (studio) versions of the songs will be uploaded next week. We assume that we'll be recording new material very soon.

End of the game (Goran Vedris, Josipa Tomola)

The time of tears is coming it's getting closer every day
And you can keep on running but you should know there is no way
So come on let me inside your heart is closed who has the key
Someone that knows you better maybe he will set you free

Yes I choose to crawl and I will not carry on these chains
No more tears will fall
This is the end of the game

Why did you go don't know where you never said goodbye
Although I know that it's late I want you to come back
Baby I know since that day nothing is the same
And will this game that you play end before I go insane

No I won't reconsider this love is war that never ends
For all those lonely nights this is the end of the game

Why did you go don't know where ...

So, here is the mixed version of End Of The Game, I hope you'll like it. Enjoy
Where Did We Go Wrong mixed version (and lyrics)

Where Did We Go Wrong (G.Vedris, D.Puric)

Every night in my dreams I hear cries I feel their fear
But I can't do a thing to forget or forgive
Then I wake and I scream all the horrors I have seen
This war makes just one thing and that's out empty shell of skin

But some fools still believe in good and honesty
For far too long where did we go wrong

Can't turn back the hands of time
Evolution did so fine
Kill for pleasure die for love
Where did we go wrong

People started thinking let's throw these guns away
Yes I'm thrully sorry that's all they have to say
I wake up this happy day war is over peace is here
Only one thing left to do just be yourself and see things clear

But some fools still believe in good and honesty
For far too long where did we go wrong

Can't turn back the hands of time
Evolution did so fine
Kill for pleasure die for love
Where did we go wrong - slideshow by Dino Puric

Hi! We've been busy for a while (college, school etc.) but we're back and  very soon 3 new songs will be recorded in studio. Actually, 1 old, and 2 new. So, keep on rocking...

We finally recorded those 2 songs, one song is already mixed, second will be tonight, then we'll upload them :) greetings
here are the youtube videos of 2 new songs by Kheops. hope you'll like it.songs will be uploaded to in a second

We'll be focusing on finishing our demo record, so bass guitars on the record will be played by me (Goran Vedris) or Marko Kovacevic I've been working on some new music, there are 4 songs that I really want to record, so you can expect new Kheops material during this year

My cousin from America recently released an ebook which can be bought on Amazon for a very affordable price, so check it out. He's name is Mark Murphy, and the book's name is Twenty-Nine Stops on the Yamanote Line In 2013 Alen Kralj, drummer that played with us 7 years ago rejoined the band, and we're planning on recording a full record, 12 songs, so keep listening to Kheops, and expect more good music :) Greetings from Croatia. We've been recording and making a video for my croatian song"Ti želiš da je kraj" meaning "You want it to be the end". I wrote this song for my ex girlfriend. You can checkout the video on youtube. Guitars and drums and audio production were done by me, vocals were done by Dino Purić, bass guitar and keyboards were played by Tomislav Pavelić, who also did the video production with Zdenko Sitek. People in the video are: actress: Monika Benić, bass guitar: Antun Potnak, drums: Siniša Ivanović, cameraman, scenarist: Zdenko Sitek, vocal: Dino Purić, keyboards: Tomislav Pavelić and guitar: Goran Vedriš. Video was recorded in Osijek (Croatia) and Raw translation of the lyrics from croatian to english would be (not english version of the song): Hi guys, my acoustic band and I are in a contest for a prize (200 bucks) on facebook, we'll win if our picture get most "likes", so if you can help us, we would be very gratefull. You can like our picture here¬if_t=like Thanks and greetings from Croatia :) We recorded this one very quickly. Since I'm leaving Osijek in two days, after 10 years of living here, I've made a few friends, fell in love, lost love, etc. This song is in Croatian, and we recorded this as a nice memory on times we've played together, spend time together etc. I hope you'll like it, everything was recorded with very humble equipment, but I think we did it very good. You can checkout the video too, here

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