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Ei wadup wadup y'all .
Its anova bright moment and we just up in here on this site tryna make
thangs happen. U know Wasuup!!!!!

First off let me start by saying ma rap lifestyle is lyke a
miracle from leprosy cuz i hardly thought of makin it this far.
     I got introduced to rap (foreign/western) in ma 2nd grade, 98
when i was only 8 but then started rap in ma 5th grade. I was 11 by then. 
I must confess! i was in skul to acquire knowledge
but i made rap my fisrt priority. "Only God knew wat i thoght i was doing !!!!"
I cud easily memorize every word any hot rapper spoke but
cudnt even put the formula of a chemical equation in ma head so i 
tried combinin' rap n books n realised i was doin good
so i married ma flow and stayed with it. "Which i never gave her the ring(da MIC)"
     In ma 8 grade,2004 i had to leave skul due to some personal cuz i was giving to
much attention to rap and guess i stole some bad rap attitudes that got me
lot in of trouble. (Remember, once Bitten, twice Shy so it aint gon happen anymore!!)
I still dint give and this rap battle thing came up in 2006
on the 24th Dec,2006 which had the pricetag of a 1year record deal and i knew
i had few skills of rap so i tried it.
(Believe me or not !, dat was da first tyme on stage n infact the sight of people so crowded)
and *TRUST* ME , none of them stood the chanece of taking me out so i was crowned the King
and hooked up with the pricetag.
     Though the owner of the click did nothin really for me, he hooked me up with this guy
i never even heard of but heard was making it somewhat big in da city.*LIL' SHAKER*
He tested me on a track *THIS IS WHY IM HOT* BEATS WERE MADE BY HIM and
i did ma total best cuz i knew joining him cud bring me a lot of merits.
I passed and he saw some skillz in me so we formed a click
Note: Da Click Mic Wreckers consist of Lil' Shaker, Srew a.k.a Grafik, Joey B n Memaself.
     Now we make more TRACKS (eh 4got to tell you im a beat maker as well.
U can find one of them in da music playlist )
and dats wasuup n thanks to all the love from ma click members,
im making it somewat big cuz at least more than three(3) fans i'ont know, know me
and i appreciate dat.
     Well wat I plan to achieve in ma rap life is to make it as big as "the sky is the limit"
Ha ha .
     I love to listen to cool music cuz it inspires me to write sick bars that
always struggle (and is still struggling) to get antidote for itself.
Im always proud to be one of the few people in Skul to be making it like a star
and its all thanks to you.
     I wish i had all da tyme to talk bout' me but guess its tyme for ma studio session
so holla at y'all after the next hit aight?


Hope you Feel Dis Page..............

Killmatic the Rap Addict
     Rap Addictive

                                !!!! U    KNOW    wASUUUUP !!!!

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