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kip kapani started hie lable the same time he was playing with london underground who were signed to  adrian sherwoods lable on u sounds while recording one album and a few singles and a few sessions he had a bust up with the singer pete holsworth so kip undeterred decided to continue with music and got involved with other band projects and was involved with them as band member and producer .this continued until 1989 and there were alot of recordings of thoes early projects which will be available here.after a long break from music due to health reasons in 1993kip was doing sesssions again with old freind phillip roberts at plillips house in his home studio ,well it was at this time that kip kapani set up his computer based home recording studio .the music was to be dancr orianted  and would be an exploratiion into urban style dance music the styles would include house funk garage hip hop jazz jungle drum and bass dub reggae ragga and a few pop songs .these days kip kapani works as a solo artist in his home studio mainly working on dub reggae and dance projects .if u like kip kapani music then check out his other sites .my music stream .com /kip kapani kapani  my space/kip kapani .

ps thanxs 4 listerning


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Website: kapani
Website: my music stream /kip kapani
Website: my space /kip kapani

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